These events run year-round. Programs may include discussions, tabling, flyering, and large-scale events that talk about body positivity, self-love, (dis)ability, eating disorders, disordered eating, and healthy self relationships. Love Your Body Day focuses on self-love and body positivity in passive and interactive ways, including dialogue. Other events include Healthy Body Week, yoga, etc. All body-positive programs are inclusive of all bodies, all genders, and all ages.

Outcomes: Development of body positivity experiences and challenges. Collaborative efforts with faculty, staff, and students. Creating an understanding of difference.

Contact: Rita Jones

Student Leads organize meetings, develop semester-based curriculum of topics, and work on projects with a more specific focus. Sorority Representatives develop cross-sorority partnerships and collaborations, reframe topics that affect the sorority community, and understand how better to connect outside sororities.

Outcomes: Develop collaborative and inclusive relationships. Create opportunities for cross-sectional dialogue and action. Develop skills in organizing, developing responsive topics, and practicing inclusive leadership. Learn of issues that face women on campus. Build connections throughout Lehigh and the greater community.

Contact: Rita Jones

EWB is an international, non-profit, humanitarian organization that works together with communities in need to provide basic necessities in a responsible manner. Lehigh's chapter works toward the same goal: to make clean water, education, sanitation, and renewable energy available by focusing on low cost, high impact projects. TWe work closely with host communities during design and implementation so that each community can manage their complete system autonomously.

Outcomes: Direct impact on the Nicaraguan community in which the EWB projects occur. Students who travel are able to learn by doing and see the impacts in a local community. They are able to network with professional engineers around the Lehigh Valley and hone their professional skills and competencies for a global context.

Contact: Rick Wiseman

Tauck Scholars Program provides unique educational & cultural opportunities for selected business students to participate in an international summer internship in a cultural setting that is “new and foreign to them." Recipients of this award may select the type of international internship program they wish to pursue based on interest; qualifications & career goals.

Outcomes: The experience allows scholars to work and live full-time in a different cultural setting, while encouraging the development of a wide array of practical professional skills for their future careers. Scholars also serve as goodwill ambassadors to Lehigh University and develop their mentorship skills, by helping prospective scholars prepare for their internships.

Contact: Sarah Wing

The Global Union is an organization led by a group of international and U.S. students that promotes diversity and inclusion on the Lehigh University campus and in the local community. It does not replace individual clubs: rather, it allows them a forum to work together. The Global Union Lounge hosts numerous events focused on international educational, cultural and social issues.

Outcomes: Provide an international experience to every student, faculty, and staff member on campus through interactive educational, cultural, and social programming. Provides funding to Lehigh University student clubs and organizations to host events with an international or cultural theme.

Contact: Maryam Khan

Monthly dialogues exploring feminism, gender identity, and expression on a global scale. The series information is researched by the student staff with support from other knowledge holders, who may have expertise or personal experience. This series is meant to be anti-imperialist in nature, and supports reflective dialogue and questioning national and international norms.

Outcomes: Development of a global context of experiences related to gender. Collaborative efforts with faculty, staff, and students. Cultivating an understanding of difference.

Contact: Rita Jones

Students have the opportunity to travel and learn about business in two dynamic countries. Over the course of 2 weeks, students will interact with individuals such as key business stakeholders, business owners, business executives, and government officials in Vietnam and Singapore.

Outcomes: Integrate global academic concepts from the MGT 301 Strategic Management in a Global Environment course with the realities and functioning of business in Vietnam and Singapore. The trip will provide an invaluable opportunity for students to gain global experience in two contrasting yet innovative, dynamic markets.

Contact: Douglas Mahoney

Our primary mission is to improve participants’ leadership and entrepreneurship skills, to enhance their business and industry knowledge and to demonstrate the positive impact of culture and diversity in an organizational setting. 

Outcomes: Build global networks. Learn new best practices. Cultivate professional skills. Explore cultural diversity. Empower leadership in individuals and with organizations. Develop lifelong friendships.

Contact: Kira Mendez

Internship opportunities range from experiences combining academic and formal work components; international research; or teams of Lehigh students working on faculty-led projects, sometimes with peers from another country, to address a common problem in an organization. Students gain practical, career-related experience and an enhanced global perspective.

Outcomes: Provides career coaching and cultural training before students leave and opportunities for reflection and mentorship during the internship. Interns learn how to navigate a new environment, meet professional expectations and communicate with people from varied backgrounds.

Contact: Iacocca International Internship Program

A 12-credit program that encompasses a mix of courses relating to international business and management, designed to broaden a student’s functional knowledge and or cultural competencies, and a study abroad experience. It is intended to broaden students' understanding of international business and foster the development of their global mindset.

Outcomes: Acquire a core body of knowledge relating to the economic, political, and sociocultural factors in the international business arena. Achieve the ability to communicate in diverse cultural settings through an immersive global experience. Gain a global mindset to recognize and analyze important differences that occur when doing business internationally and have the ability to navigate those differences.

Contact: Douglas Mahoney

The Office of Fellowship Advising helps Lehigh students and recent graduates apply for nationally competitive fellowships and scholarships. Our office supports students and recent graduates through all phases of the application process through one-on-one appointments, informational sessions and workshops.

Outcomes: Our ultimate goal is to help Lehigh’s most accomplished students receive awards that will take them toward the future they desire. Students must also commit to a journey of personal and intellectual self-reflection and analysis that results in a refined understanding of who they are as a student and who they aspire to be in the future.

Contact: Bill Hunter

Students of any discipline who are interested in helping solve the triple bottom line challenge of their generation: economic well-being, environmental protection, and social inclusion, are invited to join with like-minded students to collaborate in devising and implementing solutions to real-world challenges of Sustainable Development.

Outcomes: In-country experience of social entrepreneurship, working on a project for an organization for the rest of the semester. Partner with local organizations for projects in order to obtain a community-engaged research mindset.

Contact: Donald Morris

We’re dedicated to providing all Lehigh students with high quality international academic opportunities. With more than 250 study abroad programs in over 60 countries, from shorter programs led by Lehigh faculty or staff to semester or year-long programs offered by our partners, there's something for every student.

Outcomes: You'll come home more self-aware, adaptable and confident, all of which can help you succeed back at Lehigh and after graduation. By living and learning in a different culture, you'll broaden your understanding of the world and even gain a different perspective on your own country.

Contact: Katie Randande

The program requires students to examine the questions of meaning and value associated with the theme of citizenship within today's global world. Students are required to engage in at least two experiences abroad, and are provided with exciting opportunities for leadership and co-curricular activities.

Outcomes: Prepares students for engaged living in a culturally diverse and rapidly changing world. Emphasizes critical analysis and value reflection. Learn to negotiate international boundaries and develop a sense of personal, social, and corporate responsibility to the global community.

Contact: Sarah Stanlick

The Martindale Center advances educational and scholarly programs to increase understanding of the U.S. economy and its relationship with the world economy. Provides for diverse forums about business and economic issues, often bringing its constituencies into close communication with internationally recognized scholars and distinguished practitioners from business, industry, and public life.

Outcomes: Experience-based learning that exemplifies training leaders for the global society and provides insight into an interconnected global economy within an intellectually rich atmosphere.

Contact: Todd Watkins

Lehigh matches UN-accredited NGOs with high-achieving undergraduate and graduate students who serve as that NGO’s voice at the United Nations. Lehigh students meet with global decision makers, participate in international conferences, and moderate briefings broadcast worldwide on UN TV.

Outcomes: Immerse yourself in the global economy by getting first-hand experience with the United Nations and its partner organizations. Draw attention to you particular cause from LGBTQ rights, to environmental concerns, to global health, and many more. Gain professional experience and build lasting relationships that will help you further your career.

Contact: Bill Hunter