Are Public Firms Aiming for the Exit of the Long Term

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Faculty Mentor:

Jesus Salas, Associate Professor, Finance

Summer 2020 Students:

Alaina Brotman '21, Marketing and Finance

Jon Geslani '21, Finance

James Lamphier '21, Finance and Civil Engineering

Hannah Moss '23, Economics and Psychology


Project Summary:

The long term goal for this team is to understand issues related to the operations, management, governance, control, and ownership of family firms and how and why their performance differs relative to other businesses. The team will collect and analyze select data on publicly-traded family firms, thereby contributing to the larger database. Depending on interests, students may also tackle independent questions related to how and why the performance of family firms differs from non-family firms and/or contribute to research publications at the frontiers of the field. In particular, the team may explore an emerging puzzle about the differences in financial performance, governance, and control between family firms that appear to be driven by entrepreneurial "exit" strategies targeting sale or acquisition vs those aiming for long term continued control by the founders' families. Understanding these differences and identifying potential indicators for outside investors of these different strategies, could have important implications for investors managment, and boards of directors of such firms.