The Mindanao Food Highway

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Faculty Mentor/s: Prof. Ganesh Balasubramanian, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering and
Jo-Ann Emilene A. de Belen - Supervising Fellow (Managing Director, DAP sa Mindanao);
Dr. Elmer S. Soriano - Senior Fellow (Managing Director, Civika Asian Development Academy
- Zero Hunger Lab);
Dr. Dominic Vincent D. Ligot - Senior Fellow and Data Analyst (Founder and Chief Technology
Officer, CirroLytix);
Fatima D. dela Cruz - Project Manager (Project Staff, DAP sa Mindanao)
Students on the team this summer: {Student names, grad years, majors, UG/grad}
Putimet Inroom – 2023 – UG - Industrial & Systems Engineering
Wei Ngai – 2022 – UG - Biological Sciences
Xiaowei Chen - 2021 – UG - Statistics
Yanqiu Shen – 2022 – UG - Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Zerui Fang – 2022 – UG - Chemical Engineering
Project Description: This project will work closely with a team from the Civika Asian
Development Academy and the Development Academy of the Philippines, both Philippines-
based organizations that through projects develop public and private sector leaders throughout
Southeast Asia. The direct focus of this project is the creation of a “Food Highway,” using data-
driven and data-centric approaches to alleviate ongoing disruptions to food and medicine supply
chains throughout the Philippines during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Mindanao Food
Highway, named for the second-largest island in the Philippines archipelago, aims to explore
innovative, data-driven, and technology-based solutions to food security challenges during
COVID-19 disruptions. Achieving this objective will result in reducing transitory food insecurity
and increasing community resilience during this pandemic.
Month/Year Project Began:JUNE 2020