The Political Psyche of Young People

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Faculty Mentor:
Anthony DiMaggio, Associate Professor, Political Science
Students on the team this summer:
Sara Boyd ‘21, Political Science / English
Ryan Bailey ‘21, Political Science / Philosophy
Heather Arias ‘22, Political Science
Lily Borovets ‘20G, Graduate Student, College of Education – Educational Leadership
Rachael Bucci ‘22, Political Science
Project Description:
The current generation of 16-25 year-olds in the United States has always lived in a chaotic, rapidly
transforming world. The effect that this instability has had on this generation’s engagement with, and
activism outside of, the political system has been profound. Many academics and pundits have
analyzed the political state of young people, but this project will undertake a vast exploration and
ethnography to mine for stories of young people and politics, in their own words, in the hopes of
defining the political identity of this generation in a truthful way, and perhaps inspiring greater action
and engagement.
Month/Year Project Began: March 2020