Preventing School Violence Through Gender Expansion and Equity

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Faculty Mentor:

Nicole Johnson, Assistant Professor, College of Education-Counseling Psychology

Summer 2020 Students:

Morgan Benner '25 G, Graduate Student-Counseling Psychology

Katelyn Diaz '22, Philosophy/Psychology

Natania Lipp '25G, Graduate Student-Psychology

Zeist Rizvi '21, Psychology/Religion Studies

Claire Siepser 'G, Graduate Student, College of Education-Counseling and Human Services


Project Summary:

The prevention of violence in schools is an increasingly critical matter that reaches across political divides. This project will examine this issue, and propose and pilot a curricular solution for K-12 schools, through the lens of gender equity. The primary question at hand is: what relationship do gender-based violence? Ultimately the project will establish best practice for violence prevention in schools.


Month/Year Project Began:

May 2020