Rewriting the Script 2.0: Designing Virtual Racial Embodiment Interactions to Transform U.S. Race Relations

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Faculty Mentor:
Valerie Jones Taylor, Assistant Professor, Psychology; Joint Appointment in Africana Studies
Students on the team this summer:
Juan Valladares ‘22G, Graduate Student – Psychology
Michaela Lewis ‘21, Computer Science
Swetha Ramesh ‘22, CSB*
Hannah Fabian ’21, Computer Science & Engineering
Nick Owens ’22, Computer Science & Engineering
Myunggee Sung ’21, Psychology
Claire Siepser ‘21G, Graduate Student – College of Education, Counseling & Human Services
Project Description:
Could virtual reality be the key to improving interracial relations? This project will continue to build
on the work of teams in the past year, who have been developing VR scenarios, using the political
theatre theories of artists like Augusto Boal, which can allow users to embody the “other” in order to
increase empathy and understanding.