Career Readiness

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Lehigh's Coop program is a learning model that integrates classroom learning with real work experience. Students complete two work rotations: one rotation during fall of junior year and one during summer of junior year.  Students graduate with 8 months of work experience while graduating in 4 years. Sample employers include: Air Products, Amtrak, Crayola, ExxonMobil, Sanofi, Ingersoll Rand, Intel, Lutron, General Electric, Mack Trucks and B. Braun.

Outcomes: 8 months of paid career-related experience that encourages development of communication skills, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and much more.

Contact: Bill Burden

EWB is an international, non-profit, humanitarian organization that works together with communities in need to provide basic necessities in a responsible manner. Lehigh's chapter works toward the same goal: to make clean water, education, sanitation, and renewable energy available by focusing on low cost, high impact projects. TWe work closely with host communities during design and implementation so that each community can manage their complete system autonomously.

Outcomes: Direct impact on the Nicaraguan community in which the EWB projects occur. Students who travel are able to learn by doing and see the impacts in a local community. They are able to network with professional engineers around the Lehigh Valley and hone their professional skills and competencies for a global context.

Contact: Kyra Boston

Internships integrate classroom learning with real world experience.  Students complete 10-12 weeks of direct experience in a work setting and gain the benefit of supervision and coaching from professionals in the field. CCPD facilitates over 3,000 internship opportunities each year representing diverse industries.

Outcomes: 10-12 weeks of career-related work experience that encourages development of communication skills, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and much more.

Contact: Center for Career & Professional Development

Internship opportunities range from experiences combining academic and formal work components; international research; or teams of Lehigh students working on faculty-led projects, sometimes with peers from another country, to address a common problem in an organization. Students gain practical, career-related experience and an enhanced global perspective.

Outcomes: Provides career coaching and cultural training before students leave and opportunities for reflection and mentorship during the internship. Interns learn how to navigate a new environment, meet professional expectations and communicate with people from varied backgrounds.

Contact: Iacocca International Internship Program

The Office of Fellowship Advising helps Lehigh students and recent graduates apply for nationally competitive fellowships and scholarships. Our office supports students and recent graduates through all phases of the application process through one-on-one appointments, informational sessions and workshops.

Outcomes: Our ultimate goal is to help Lehigh’s most accomplished students receive awards that will take them toward the future they desire. Students must also commit to a journey of personal and intellectual self-reflection and analysis that results in a refined understanding of who they are as a student and who they aspire to be in the future.

Contact: Debra Rubart

Office of International Affairs Summer Fellowship Program is a paid summer fellowship that introduces Lehigh students to careers in international education. Fellows will work full time in Lehigh's Office of International Affairs (OIA), rotating through the OIA programs and offices to gain an in-depth insight on each area's functions and explore possible career paths in the field of international education. The program is open to Lehigh undergraduates in any college or major.


Contact: Elena Reiss

Students participate in a 10-week internship with a startup in San Francisco. Each individual student is matched with a mentor for the duration of the program and participates in a 1-credit entrepreneurial course at the Lehigh@Nasdaq Center.

Outcomes: Students will advance their practical knowledge, while encouraging personal and professional growth. This program empasizes an entrepreneurial approach and design thinking to help students in developing critical thinking, creativity, and other 21st century mindsets for their careers.

Contact: Samantha Dewalt