Faculty Mentor/s:
Prof. Danming An

Students on the team:

Project Description:
Integrating multiple levels and facets of data to comprehensively understand early middle-childhood (6-9 years old) children's adjustment in the social world. We seek to understand how the environmental socialization processes contribute to the development of social cognitive and socio-emotional skills during this period, and how those skills are associated with children's psychological, social, and school adjustment.

Students will work on one of the following teams: 1) computer programming, and 2) behavioral data collection and coding. The computer programming team will develop computer- and/or tablet-based apps which are used to collect children’s data on behavioral tasks. The behavioral data collection and coding team will conduct observations of parent and child behaviors in the lab and code the data into analyzable form. Students with backgrounds in computer science, the social sciences (e.g., Psychology, Sociology), and cognitive science are encouraged to apply.

Month/Year Project Began: