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Lehigh 360 Overview

One-stop shop for beyond-the-classroom, interdisciplinary learning opportunities at Lehigh. Access the database for current opportunities across campus HERE.


  • Make beyond-the-classroom learning opportunities accessible to all Lehigh students
  • Help every Lehigh student discover their passion and connect that passion with opportunities to make real-world impact 
  • Incentivize students to diversify and deepen their beyond-the-classroom learning throughout their time at Lehigh 
  • Increase collaboration and synchronization across campus programs 
  • Capture and enhance student outcomes and successes campus-wide

What Does Accessibility Look Like? 

  • Students need to know:
  • Why beyond-the-classroom learning opportunities are important for their personal and professional development 
  • What opportunities are available 
  • The timelines to apply for and participate in opportunities 
  • How to fund opportunities  
  • How to highlight opportunities once completed 
  • How to best navigate from one opportunity to the next

Lehigh 360 Current Programming:

  • Database of current opportunities across campus 
  • Cross-campus Advisory Committee 


Lehigh 360 Future Programming:

  • Lehigh 360 Scholars Program, workshops aimed at skill development and peer-to-peer learning 
  • Funding for students to highlight/deepen/diversify their experiences 
  • E-portfolios for students to track and display their experiences and achievements 
  • Peer Mentors 
  • Sustainable Happiness Institute 2024 
  • Searchable database of opportunities 
  • Algorithm to recommend first and next steps for beyond-the-classroom student engagement


Do you have a beyond-the-classroom program that you’d like included in Lehigh 360’s database? Please email Program Manager, Michelle Spada, at mcs619@lehigh.edu.

Are you a student, faculty or staff interested in shaping the future of the program by serving on an advisory committee? Please email Program Manager, Michelle Spada, at mcs619@lehigh.edu.