Lehigh 360:

A hub for high-impact, beyond-the-classroom, interdisciplinary learning opportunities across Lehigh University.

Lehigh 360 High-Impact Programs

Lehigh 360 Searchable Database of High-Impact Programs

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Lehigh 360 coordinates and connects university-wide efforts that help students:
  • Find their why - discover their interests, passions and purpose 

  • Connect passions with possibilities - explore and intentionally participate in signature high-impact programs

  • Build outcome-focused portfolios - that tell their story and articulate how Lehigh contributes to their personal transformation and professional growth. Portfolios capture students' contributions to the world and how they are better prepared for dream jobs, prestigious fellowships and graduate programs, and/or entrepreneurial success.

Lehigh 360 aims to:
  • Make Lehigh's signature, high-impact programs accessible to all students

  • Help Lehigh students discover their passions and connect those passions with opportunities to make real-world impact

  • Move students beyond what company they want to work for what world problems do they want to solve

  • Incentivize students to deepen, diversify and highlight their beyond-the-classroom learning throughout their time at Lehigh

  • Increase collaboration and synchronization across campus programs & share best practices

  • Capture and enhance student outcomes and success campus-wide

Contact Us: 

Bill Whitney - Assistant Vice Provost for Experiential Learning Programs - wrw210@lehigh.edu

Michelle Spada - Program Manager - mcs619@lehigh.edu