Lead Mentor:
Nathan Urban, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs


Students on the team: 

Cecy Benitez ‘26

Elias Juvan ‘26

Nix Huang ‘25

Renzo Medina ‘25

Ryan Javier ‘26

Thaksheel Alleck ‘25


Project Description:

Lehigh students have lots of questions. Most of them, of course, require a faculty or staff member to answer them. But many don’t! We envision a campus where Amazon’s Alexa Echo system can be utilized to answer some of the most frequently asked and easy-to-answer questions, especially for students new to our university and trying to get oriented. This project will begin by continuing pilot tests begun by the 2022 team to install programmed Alexa Echo Dots in the new HST building and College of Health offices. The goal remains to partner with a variety of campus stakeholders to identify the best questions that Alexa can answer with a “human in the loop,” making information-finding more efficient, effective, and ultimately, creating a more sustainable campus economy.