EcoRealm Environments: Creating Wellness through Nature

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Faculty Mentor/s:
Nicholas Sawicki, Professor and Chair, Dept. of Art Architecture & Design; Brian Slocum, Director, Design Labs


Students on the team: 

Sebastian Wick ‘24
Evy Rahmey ‘23

Giavanna Gast ‘24

Isabella Clark ‘26

Jack Sherman ‘25

Jamiez Vo ‘25

Jashlyn Gomez ‘26

Maggie McLaughlin ‘24

Sofia Aquino ‘26


Project Description:

Countless research has proven that being immersed in nature can reduce stress and increase focus, productivity, and creativity. Wouldn't it be great if we could all reap the benefits of the natural world when studying for the next exam, or writing that research essay - but who has time to go into the forest? EcoRealm aims to do exactly that with their modular, low maintenance, immersive plant partitions. You can find the current team’s alpha prototype on the 5th floor of FML. Early studies suggest a profound reduction in student stress by simply studying in "the realm." Heading into year Three as a CSIF project, this project team is poised to further develop the autonomous plant health monitoring system, the aesthetic design, the manufacturing plan, and further refine the business plan. EcoRealm is looking to add to its dedicated, dynamic, and multi disciplinary team and needs mechanical engineers, computer scientists, electrical engineers, psychologists, and marketing, supply chain, and business development specialists. Come be part of the team that changes the modern workplace and brings the green indoors!


Month/Year Project Began:
May 2020


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