Lead Mentors:
Debra Kreider and Edwin Yeakel, Computer Science & Business


Students on the team: 

Junyi Pan ‘24

Motahareh Lotfaliani ‘G

Rebecca O’Brien ‘26


Project Description:

Different campus buildings use different amounts of energy and water. Lehigh is driven to understand its buildings so that we can increase energy efficiency, conserve water, promote data-driven decisions, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and save money. The 2022 Energy and Water Dashboard team has started building the dashboard using smart electric meter data (where available), ArcGIS for the building map and React for the web application. The 2023 Team will build upon these features and implement new features including: IoT (Internet of Things) concepts, Energy and Water Data from utility invoices, and presentation of Energy Equivalency information. The 2023 Team will further develop business and data architecture strategies to ensure the dashboard can evolve as the systems and data changes. Through this project, the student team will finish creating a public-facing energy dashboard, will add a water usage component, and will work to make the overall dashboard more sophisticated.  The project team will modify and refine several key attributes including: an interactive campus map where one can filter by building type and show building attributes and energy usage/EUI and water usage, show smart electric meter data (when available), monthly and annual usage graphs for each building, downloadable data sets, relatable comparisons to put data into perspective, GHG emissions associated with energy usage etc. This dashboard will provide easily accessible building energy and water data for faculty and students for course projects. All majors welcome, but students with skills in programming/coding and communications/marketing are particularly encouraged. Other important interests include a curiosity about the operational structure of Lehigh University, experience with energy engineering and energy systems, and an inclination to creating tangible, sustainability-focused, impactful solutions.