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Have you ever thought about the carbon and water footprints created by foods that are purchased and consumed at Lehigh?  In this project, students will build on previous work in developing a carbon-footprint website and database, and work with Sodexo and Lehigh Dining to add a water footprint calculator component as well. This will allow Lehigh Dining to provide a water footprint (red - high, yellow - medium, green - low) for key menu items at dining locations across campus, thus encouraging students, faculty, and staff, and Lehigh Dining’s purchasing staff, to make informed food choices based on the carbon and water impacts of different menu items. The students will also determine how to expand the calculator to make it more sophisticated, how to transition away from national averages, and how to make this a national, open source model for other colleges and universities to use.  We specifically need students with 1) marketing / graphic design skills, 2) data management and analysis skills, 3) coding skills, and 4) business / operations and systems engineering skills.


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