Faculty Mentor/s:  Lifang He, Computer Science & Engineering


Students on the team this summer:

Kenny Lin – 2022 – UG - Computer Science and Engineering

Danyang Zhu – 2021 – UG - Statistics

Dinglun He – 2020 – UG - Electrical and Computer Engineering

JiaBei Wei – 2022 – UG - CSE

Project Description: AI combined with predictive analysis has helped change the landscape of disease prevention and treatment – bringing a paradigm shift to healthcare. With improved image analytics, concrete clinical and diagnostic decision-making, AI has been highly beneficial for the treatment of chronic diseases like cancer, neurology, and cardiology. In this project, students will develop predictive AI algorithms for early detection and biomarker discovery on various diseases over different kinds of data, such as mood disorder prediction in mobile keyboard, ROP and Parkinson's disease prediction with image and clinical data. Students will engage in focused problems to develop prototypes, run experiments and scale how this works, etc. This project would invigorate fields like computer science and healthcare and trigger the development of new models and algorithms. It could also help solve some medical problems for the benefit of humanity as well as harness the power AI in healthcare. Through this process, students will begin to form lasting AI capability in healthcare.

Month/Year Project Began:JUNE 2020