Faculty Mentor/s:  Vincent Munley, Professor, Economics


Students on the team this summer: 

Zach Cotter – 2022 – UG - Political Science

Ian Sloane – 2022 – UG - International Relations and Economics

Clare Fonstein – 2022 – UG - Journalism and International Relations

Kelly Nguyen – 2021 – UG - Global Studies


Project Description: The focus of this project is an analysis of voter participation and electoral outcomes in the Republic of Ireland, focusing on the electoral results of three aspects: 1) referenda to amend the Irish constitution; 2) results of general elections on parliamentary membership; and 3) the success of incumbent candidates in general elections. Data sets have already been created at multiple levels of electoral divisions, but this team will be compiling additional available data on general elections during the past two decades. Ultimately, the team will be visualizing and analyzing this data to track population changes, election conditions, and changes in local-level election constituencies to create an overall picture of the recent Irish electoral process.  


Month/Year Project Began:JUNE 2020