Lead Mentors: Eric Obeysekare, Computer Science and Engineering 


2024 Impact Fellows: 

Angie Bravo '24
Kaelyn Bulich ‘26
Mila Jovanovic ‘27
Habiba Swarna '27


Project Description:

The Central Asian Researchers Network (CARN) is an intellectual and academic community consisting of PhD students, young researchers, and experienced professors from around the world with a shared interest in Central Asia. The overarching goal of CARN is to build research capacity, connect researchers to each other, and ultimately triple research output in Central Asia over the next three years. The LinkedIn-based CARN community employs a three-pronged approach that involves curating high-quality educational materials, catalyzing research collaborations through in-person and virtual events, and creating multimedia resources to inspire and educate young researchers. The CARN team will collaborate with students and faculty from Almaty Management University, other Kazakh stakeholders, and the American Councils for International Education to strengthen and expand the network across the entire Central Asian region (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Turkmenistan). All majors are encouraged to apply and we are specifically looking for students with social science research experience, good writing skills, graphic design skills, and a passion for building global partnerships for sustainable development.