Faculty Mentor/s:
Dinissa Duvanova, International Relations


Students on the team: 

Allen Wilson ‘24

Alua Bekbossynova ‘25

Iz Lucero ‘24

Jessica McCurry ‘26

Kaliana O’Donnell ‘24

Oyu-Erdene Ankhbayar ‘26


Project Description:

Almaty, Kazakhstan experiences extremely poor air quality due to coal-fired power plants and transportation emissions. With the projected population growth and lack of investment in pollution-reducing technology, poor air quality is likely to continue harming public health. In the long term, the Air Quality in Almaty team aims to reduce respiratory illnesses due to air pollution. We study mechanisms for mitigating negative health effects of air pollution through improved air filtration, insulation, and behavioral change. We work to develop effective and affordable methods for implementing our recommendations. This team welcomes students with diverse academic backgrounds, such as majors in environmental studies, engineering, health medicine and society,  journalism, earth and environmental sciences, chemistry, sociology, economics, computer science, marketing, political science, and chemical and environmental engineering.


Month/Year Project Began:
January 2021