Faculty Mentor/s:
Michael Kramp, English; Co-PI: Fathima Wakeel, College of Health
Project Description:

Mothers of Sierra Leone is a documentary film project designed to showcase both resiliency of women in Sierra Leone and the specific accomplishments of the Sierra Leonean people to improve maternal health. Our three-year filming plan highlights innovations in prenatal care, clinical treatment, including midwifery, hospital delivery services, and emergency surgery, and postpartum care, including early childhood health. Students will be involved in filming, editing, interviewing, and distributing these documentaries. We will release early iterations of this project as a video series for distribution in Sierra Leone and make our work available to our collaborators. The documentaries will (1) demonstrate the effectiveness of Sierra Leonean health innovations and (2) help to recruit additional individuals to participate in the healthcare industry. Ultimately, the team plans a feature-length film to be released to a global audience that highlights the impacts and innovations of the people of Sierra Leone.