Lead Mentor: Antigoni Papadimitriou, Management


2024 Impact Fellows:
Joam Gonzalez Rodriguez '27
Waldo Dang ‘27
Shriya Mehta ‘27
Gibby DiCenso '25
Nicholas Scheri '25
Tyson Utesch '26
Haoyu Yang '25


Project Description:

The importance of entrepreneurship as fuel for local community and economic development is well-established; however, the representation and support for all sectors may pose a still unsolved problem. For example, Creative Industries (CIs) generate spillover effects for other industries associated with quality of life, the “image” of cities, regions, and tourism. CIs contribute to regional, city, and community development and are instrumental in building social fulfillment and contributing to economic growth. The Lehigh Valley, throughout its economic redevelopment and reinvention since the demise of Bethlehem Steel, has created multiple supportive structures for the development of entrepreneurs. However, it has not been enough to turn Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, and the Lehigh Valley region into a hub for entrepreneurs in CIs  (i.e. those in art, theatre, fashion, dance, TV/radio, design, galleries, crafting, antiques, photographers, industrial design, and multimedia fields). While it is essential to support entrepreneurs in CIs, there is a shortage of research about how to accomplish this goal. This project team will explore pathways that will involve formal and informal learning experiences and hands-on training to identify core elements for ecosystem changes and then propose a system to support entrepreneurs in creative industries. All majors are welcome to apply.