Virtual Lives of Vaping

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Faculty Mentors:
Haiyan Jia, Assistant Professor, Journalism & Communication
Amanda Greene, Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Research Associate, Humanities Lab
Eduardo Gómez, Associate Professor, College of Health
Students on the team this summer:
Shelby Carr ‘24G, Graduate Student – English
Katrina Fett ’23, Political Science
Brianne Guiffrida ‘21, Molecular Biology / Health, Medicine & Society
Kathy Doan ‘21, Health, Medicine & Society / Sociology & Anthropology
McKenzie Dominick ‘22, Computer Science / Cognitive Science
Ryder Griffith ‘21, Computer Science / Journalism & Communication
Isabel Hagar ‘21, Psychology / Health, Medicine & Society
Yamelin Jaquez ‘22, Journalism & Communication
Violet Kertis ‘22, English (Literature)
Jessica Post ‘21, English / Journalism & Communication
Vanessa Singh ‘22, Political Science / Health, Medicine & Society
Project Description:
Vaping, and related “vape culture,” has become a public health problem just as tobacco and cigarettes
were for prior generations. This project will dig deeply into the culture and marketing of vaping, how
“vape-fluencers” leverage social media and other platforms to disseminate products, and the resulting
risks to public health, eventually constructing and implementing workable vaping cessation campaigns
Month/Year Project Began: May 2020