Intended Outcomes


  • Connect classroom learning to real-world impact
  • Combine what you love, what you are good at, what the world needs and what you can be paid for 
  • Participate in trainings to hone marketable skill sets 
  • Access funding to highlight or deepen beyond-the-classroom experiences 
  • Connect with a community of peers and mentors 
  • Foster skills for lifelong learning and career management 
  • Track your individualized journey 
  • Use an e-portfolio to highlight your experiences, skills and accomplishments
  • Utilize your e-portfolio to secure impact-focused career and/or postgraduate opportunities upon graduation


Beyond-the-Classroom Programs

  • Increase knowledge of your program across campus 
  • Recruit from a larger, more diverse population of students 
  • Target marketing to students at the right stage of their academic and beyond-the-classroom experience 
  • Capture short and long-term student outcomes and successes  
  • Benefit from:
    • Joint workshops for students centered on marketable skill sets
    • Funding for students to participate, highlight or deepen their experience
    • Peer Mentors guiding/advising students specifically for your program



  • Deeper and wider engagement across the student body 
  • Increase alumni engagement as mentors to Lehigh 360 students 
  • Increase efficiency of time and resources through program collaboration/synchronization 
  • Ensure equitable distribution of student funding for beyond-the-classroom experiences 
  • Capture and enhance student outcomes and successes across campus