Faculty Mentor/s:

Bill Whitney, Office of Creative Inquiry


Students on the team: 

Aiden Galbraith, 2022

Becca Landau, 2022

Dom Ocampo, 2022

Juliana Kilgore, 2024

Nessia Crispe, 2024

Paola Lebron, 2024

Tommy Anderson, 2024


Project Description:

The issue of mass incarceration is one that touches lives locally, regionally, and globally. The Beyond Bars project aims to use innovative forms of theatre and other forms of artistic expression to examine individual and community-wide consequences that stem from mass incarceration and draw attention, dialogue, and advocacy on behalf of these critical social justice issues. Students have written and produced a variety of theatre pieces based on stories and interviews conducted in the Northampton County Prison system as well as with local community members. Currently, we are focusing attention on the school-to-prison pipeline.


Month/Year Project Began:

June 2018