Faculty Mentor/s:
Zilong Pan, Teaching, Learning & Technology, College of Education; Lia Sandilos, School Psychology, College of Education


Students on the team: 

Ava DeLauro ‘26

Lisa Huang ‘26

Zelalem Ayalew ‘26


Project Description:

Learning can be challenging, especially when we need to study a new knowledge or skill in a given amount of time. The experience that we have when learning, including our social-emotional status during the process and the visual presentation of the knowledge, can largely shape our learning outcomes. To create an enjoyable learning experience, this project intends to incorporate Social Emotional learning (SEL) pedagogies into a 360° immersive environment where learners would be surrounded by the visual presentation of the knowledge in a relaxed and joyful mood. Team members will collaborate with faculties from the College of Education and the immersive learning laboratory at the Centennial School. We will develop a series of core learning modules that cover different areas such as environmental science, biology, and literacy, and adapt these modules to accommodate our future users’ diverse learning preferences and needs to serve a broader population. All majors are welcome, particularly those interested in creating and developing a multimedia-enriched environment.


Month/Year Project Began: 
January 2023