Southside Permaculture Park

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Faculty Mentor/s:
David Casagrande, Environmental Initiative; Al Wurth, Political Science


Students on the team: 

Cate Adams ‘26

Emma Clopton ‘25

Isabelle Spirk ‘25

Julie Wright ‘26


Project Description:

Located next to the former Lehigh University Ecohouse on Summit Street, the student-initiated Southside Permaculture Park has been in development since 2018 and is moving forward with new community partnerships and further design elements being built. Students will have the opportunity to contribute to the ongoing design and building of elements in the park, which utilizes a zero-waste philosophy that mimics ecological processes to provide food as well as ecological benefits like urban storm-water runoff reduction, carbon sequestration, and increased biodiversity. The SSPP team will expand community partnerships to make the park a site of education and improved community relations. All majors are welcome, particularly students with an interest in sustainability policy, community engagement, and permaculture principles.


Month/Year Project Began:
May 2018