Faculty Mentor/s:
Antigoni Papadimitriou, Management


Students on the team: 

Gibson DiCenso ‘24

Nicholas Scheri ‘25

Tyson Utesch ‘26

Henry Yang ‘25


Project Description:

Entrepreneurs are the engines of the future in U.S. cities and towns. The Lehigh Valley, in its economic redevelopment and reinvention since the demise of Bethlehem Steel, has created multiple supportive structures for entrepreneurs and their ventures. The work of organizations and institutions such as LINC, ArtsQuest, and the Fowler Center at Northampton Community College (among many others) has built a foundation for creative entrepreneurship to thrive in the Lehigh Valley, but there is always room to improve and strengthen the infrastructure and resources for creative entrepreneurs (i.e. those in art, theatre, fashion, dance, TV/radio, design, galleries, crafting, antiques, graphic and industrial design, and multimedia fields). This new project, then, will research the ways that the Lehigh Valley currently supports its entrepreneurial creatives across different demographics and sectors, including the development of a database of entrepreneurial supports and activities, as a way to create new and multiple learning pathways. These pathways will involve both formal and informal learning experiences and hands-on training to energize the Lehigh Valley’s entrepreneurs in creative industries, empowering them to put their ideas and needs into successful action. All majors are welcome to apply.


Month/Year Project Began:
January 2023