Creative Scholarship Institute

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The CSI is a fellowship opportunity for high-performing graduate students to prepare them for creative scholarship in academia and impactful leadership in society. The program commences with a mandatory three-day immersive institute followed by regular cohort-based activities throughout the academic year.

Program Summary
Through a series of hands-on workshops and immersive experiences, the Creative Scholarship Institute equips graduate students with the skill sets and mindsets to succeed both at Lehigh University and in their chosen career paths. The program commences with a three-day immersion experience that covers a range of topics essential to their personal and professional development as productive scholars, pro-active innovators, and engaged citizens. Fellows will participate in a series of roundtables and workshops across the academic year to share experiences and develop new skillsets and mindsets. The overarching goal of this cohort-based program is to help graduate students thrive at the happy intersection between their personal goals and professional aspirations in a complex and rapidly-changing world of work. Partnering and planning entities include the Office of Creative Inquiry, Graduate Life Office, and the Center for Career and Professional Development.

Program Benefits
   - Fellows expand their toolkits for identifying and prioritizing research questions, pursuing scholarly agendas while navigating the university system, and articulating their work (and the value of their work) to diverse audiences.
   - Fellows develop critical capacities--mindsets, skill sets, and vocabularies--needed to excel in diverse careers across industry, government, non-profits and more. Fellows engage in meaningful reflection about the place and value of their discipline in the world, how they fit in it, and how they might contribute to it.
   - Fellows will convene for roundtable conversations and interactive workshops that promote their professional development, intellectual growth, and leadership skills. The objective is to help fellows develop a critical self-awareness of personal and intellectual strengths and learn how to build on those strengths to pursue lives of impact.


Selection and Eligibility
All full-time and part-time Ph.D. students are eligible to apply and participate. At this time, professional Master’s students are not eligible. Fellows will be selected by a faculty/administrator panel in accordance with the larger goals of the program. Preference will be given to graduate students who have completed their Ph.D. coursework or passed their Ph.D. qualifying examinations.  

Application Process
Fill out the application on Qualtrics (link below). The application requires the following uploads:
   • Current CV
   • Essay (not more than 1000 words)
   • Letter of recommendation

Application link:

Program Schedule and Expectations
All Fellows are expected to:
     1.  Attend the three-day immersive institute.
          --> The immersive institute will be held in August 2020 if possible; if on-campus activities are still limited, we will schedule it for a future time. The immersive will cover topics including: Creativity and Innovation; Developing Projects and Proposals for Funding; Building a Professional Identity; Communicating Your Research; Learning the Institution; Understanding Self, Colleges, and Academic Culture; Authentic Leadership; Asking the Right Questions, and many more!

     2.  Participate in workshops and roundtables that will be held throughout the academic year.
          --> Roundtable topics will include: Inclusive Excellence; Academic Leadership; Ethics and Integrity; Career Pathways - Academe and Beyond; Negotiating and Resolving Conflicts; and many more.

TENTATIVE Schedule for Three-Day Immersive, August 2020