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What is a LearnX?

A LearnX event provides a person with the opportunity to learn something about a topic in a 60-90 minute session in a hands-on manner. LearnX events are intended to take a quick dip into a wide range of topics and questions, to get participants excited about learning more.

  • How To Be Happy
    Professor Mark Orrs discussed different cultural perspectives with students and introduced tools to help improve well-being
  • Backstage@Zoellner
    Professor Gus Ripa led a behind-the-scenes tour of the arts center and explained how architecture and design can add to live performances
  • Research Labs: Getting Your Foot in the Door
    All students know the importance of participating in research and Dr. Jonas Baltrusaitis gave an inside look into his lab and how students can get involved in research on campus
  • Reimagining International Development
    Sara Farley, Co-Founder of the Global Knowledge Initiative, led a round-table discussion with students and faculty about the future of international development

What is a MakeX?

MakeX events are where you make something by doing it – learning how to utilize the necessary equipment/tools and then getting to work. Participants in MakeX events walk away with something that they have built (and in many cases, designed as well), and the knowledge and skillset they need to make that thing again.

  • Pumpkins and Power Tools
    The Wilbur Powerhouse taught students how to safely use power tools while helping them carve festive pumpkins for Halloween
  • Making Metal Roses
    The LU MakerSpace helped students make roses out of sheet metal for their special Valentine
  • Hero or Villain?: DIY Costume
    The Zoellner Costume Shop help students create individual characters for Halloween, by teaching them how to sew their own capes and create personal make-up looks
  • Crafting Cookie Cutters
    In preparation for winter break, LU MakerSpace allowed students to craft their own unique cookie cutters to use over the holidays

What is a SprintX?

These events are multi-hour or multi-day endeavors where a (typically large) group comes together to sprint toward discussion and possible solutions to more complex issues or problems. The structure is modeled on a Hackathon, and a Hackathon is a kind of SprintX, but not every SprintX will be technical and not all are quite as free-form as a hackathon can be. Often they are structured and guided by subject matter experts, but intended to be concentrated, collective conversations focused toward measurable, tangible impacts.

  • LV Hack 2018
    In April, Lehigh hosted LV Hack 2018 at Building C in collaboration with Lehigh Valley Tech. Students from Lehigh and surrounding universities, community members, and various faculty came together to solve company-sponsored challenges
  • Low-Income and First Gen Students at Lehigh
    Led by George White, Lehigh parents, students, and faculty were invited to brainstorm how to increase educational accessibility in the Lehigh community for low-income families and first generation college students
  • Refugee Resettlement: Challenges and Opportunities for a Thriving Community
    The Lehigh Valley is home to many refugee families. This design session, hosted by Sarah Stanlick, outlined programs, outreach, and practices to address the refugee resettlement process
  • Sustainable Development in the Global South
    Lehigh faculty and staff convened to discuss their current work and interests in sustainable development and broke off into group discussions about funding opportunities and the future of global devleopment