Faculty Mentor/s:

Dinissa Duvanova, Associate Professor International Relations

Students on the team this summer: 

Jeff Kirshenbaum

Hugo Ramos

Josue Quintero


Project Description:

Smart city project innovations are being introduced throughout Kazakhstan, particularly in the country’s largest city, Almaty. These innovations are being seen in the areas of health care, education, and safety/security, among many others. As Almaty continues to grow and develop into a major world capital, the need for it to be on the leading edge of the “smart cities” movement will only increase. This project will work with community organizations and leading universities in Kazakhstan, as well as students from Lingnan University in Hong Kong, to design and develop the next generation of smart city urban design innovations, and find ways to work with governmental and NGO entities to implement those solutions into the Kazakh capital. All majors welcome, particularly those students who are interested in urban design solutions, environmental best practices in cities, smart technology integration, and public policy.


Month/Year Project Began:

January 2020