Copra Processing and Production

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Faculty Mentor/s:

Sabrina Jedlicka, Materials Science and Engineering

Christina Haden, Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics


Students on the team this summer:  

Leah Canel, 2021

Aiden Galbraith, 2022

Eliza Howard, 2021

Dom Ocampo, 2022


Project Description:

Copra, the dried sections of the meat of coconuts, is valued for its many uses including coconut oil extract, but is also a major agricultural export for the Philippines. It is often processed using traditional, time-consuming and inefficient methods including sun-drying and smoke-drying, before being processed into its various products. This project’s goal is to improve copra processing and process streamlining for increased income of copra farmers in the Philippines. Identified needs include a faster, all-weather processing technique that yields better copra quality compared to manual methods, and a way for farmers to communicate over long distances.


Month/Year Project Began:

January 2020