Faculty Mentor/s:

Prof. Patrick Zoro, Finance


Student names: 

Alejandro Zayas

Artem Maryanskyy

Cooper Nelson

Darren Chen

David Cueva

Ed Mon

James Cavanaugh

Jersey Krupp

Joyce Guo

Miki Sakai

Nicholas Costanzo

Ozward Yuan

Samantha Jahrmarkt

Wenxi Sun

Yiwen Wu

Zihang Wang


Project Description:

This project is about getting Lehigh alumni to engage with current student clubs and organizations in Web 3.0. “Web3” is an idea that is generating a lot of excitement at the moment in business technology communities. This team will design a decentralized app with economic incentives, generally “tokens” given as rewards for performing game-related tasks such as winning battles, mining precious resources or growing digital crops. Students will gain exposure to blockchain technology, project design, and network building.


Month/Year Project Began:
January 2022