Faculty Mentor/s:

Hyunok Choi, College of Health


Students on the team this summer:  

Elyse Barkstrom ‘21, Behavioral Neuroscience

Alexa Bennetch ‘21, Behavioral Neuroscience

Amanda Hall ‘22, Psychology, Health, Medicine & Society

Mariah Lopez ‘22,Biological Sciences

Charlotte Murphy ‘21, Psychology

Zoe Wolfeson ‘22, Behavioral Neuroscience

Ivy Yu ‘21, Biochemistry


Project Description:

Asthma is a heterogeneous collection of syndromes, which afflict over 300 million people worldwide. In the U.S., the annual economic burden of direct asthma care exceeds $81 billion per year. Yet, prevailing therapies do not work for 38% of asthmatic children. The ESCAPE project is poised to identify the causality for multiple subtypes of asthma, determining the mechanisms associated with prenatal exposure to specific air pollutants and their consequences before and after birth. 


Month/Year Project Began:

June 2020