Faculty Mentor/s:
Prof. Don Morris, Earth & Environmental Sciences


Students on the team:


Project Description:
Have you ever thought about the carbon and water footprints of the foods you eat at Lehigh?  In this project, students will add a water footprint calculator component while continuing to work on an existing food carbon footprint calculator, as well as expand the carbon portion. This will allow Lehigh Dining to provide a water footprint (red - high, yellow - medium, green - low) for key menu items at dining locations across campus. This will encourage students, faculty, and staff to choose to alter their food choices based on the water impact of the menu item. The students will also determine how to expand the calculator to make it more sophisticated, how to transition away from national averages, and how to make this a national, open source model for other colleges and universities to use. 


Month/Year Project Began: