Faculty Mentor/s:

Thomas McAndrew, Hyunok Choi, Halcyon Skinner, College of Health


Students on the team this summer:  

Tariq Faisal Hayat Al-Serhan

Nic Altenderfer 

Andrew Donnachie 

Jailene Garcia

Alex Kline 

Kenny Lin 

Eunice Liu 

Damon Luk 

Martin Magazzolo

Michael Nelson

Poplar Yang


Project Description:

This project is going to build an integrated surveillance and forecasting system to predict future burden of COVID-19 on the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The project is early-stage and during the 2020 Mountaintop Summer Experience there will be initial exploration and prototyping. Students should have a strong interest in programming with Python. Prior programming experience is a plus, but not required.


Month/Year Project Began:

June 2020