Faculty Mentor/s:

Prof. Patrick Zoro, Finance


Student names: 

Andrew Mottram

Baoyu Yin

Daniel Graney

Jared Miller

Ramos Wu

Ruoxuan Li

Samuel Mandelbraut

Steven Nazaroff

Teddy Polk

Thiyara Girihagama

Wasti Khan

Xilong Liu


Project Description:

This project team will managing an active managing index that fits industry standard (S&P), and design an user interface that tracks all of Pennsylvania’s publicly traded companies to showcase economic trends. Along with creating the interface, we will construct the methodology summary, fact sheet, index marketing sheet, and documentation of all the work for future improvement and modification. We will also look to improve the interface by switching to a different coding language as well as getting our documentation and methodology approved from our sponsor (a former S&P Dow Jones Indices CEO, currently on the CBOE board of directors) and start to market it to others via Lehigh infrastructure. 


Month/Year Project Began: 
May 2021