Virtual Lives of Vaping

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Faculty Mentor/s:

Haiyan Jia, Journalism & Communication; Amanda Greene, Humanities Lab; Eduardo Gomez, College of Health


Students on the team this summer:  

Shelby Carr ‘24, English

Kathy Doan ‘21, Marketing

McKenzie Dominick ‘22, Computer Science

Katrina Fett ‘23, Political Science

Ryder Griffith ‘21, Computer Science

Brianne Guiffrida ‘21, Molecular Biology

Isabel Hagar ‘21, Psychology

Yamelin Jaquez ‘22, Journalism & Communications

Violet Kertis ‘22, English

Jessica Post ‘21, English Journalism

Vanessa Singh ‘22, Political Science


Project Description:

Vaping, and related “vape culture,” has become a public health problem just as tobacco and cigarettes were for prior generations. This project will dig deeply into the culture and marketing of vaping, how “vape-fluencers” leverage social media and other platforms to disseminate products, and the resulting risks to public health, eventually constructing and implementing workable vaping cessation campaigns


Month/Year Project Began:

June 2020