Faculty Mentor/s:
Prof. Ganesh Balasubramanian, Mechanical Engineering; Dr. Elmer Soriano, Civika Asian Development Academy


Students on the team:


Project Description:
This project team will work closely with the Civika Asian Development Academy and the Development Academy of the Philippines, Philippines-based organizations that develop public and private sector leaders throughout Southeast Asia through project-based work. The direct focus of this project is the creation of a “Zero Hunger College” using data-driven and data-centric approaches to alleviate hunger and food supply challenges in smaller provinces and villages of the Philippines. The Zero Hunger College will do this by inviting women from small villages to attend a six-month “school” that leverages indigenous knowledge as well as modern agricultural techniques to help them grow more food to supply their villages with nutrition and sustenance. The team is currently in early design stages, developing a curriculum and establishing partnerships, and the goal for the upcoming year is to pilot-test “classes” and refine the model before conducting fieldwork in the Philippines.


Month/Year Project Began: