Lead Mentors: Julie Fogt and Sara Heintzleman, College of Education

Project Description:
Students with emotional and behavioral disorders and Autism have limited exposure to the arts and community. Often, they manifest behaviors or an inability to focus for extended periods of time that create barriers to accessing and navigating the arts and associated community  resources. To provide this vulnerable population of students with better access to the arts and arts-based organizations, this project team will capture 360º and 3D immersive content (e.g., art galleries, theaters, grocery stores, doctors offices, restaurants, job sites) related to Lehigh Valley arts and community sites, and develop that content into experiential learning modules for the Centennial School and other educational institutions. The development of this content will allow K-12 students from Centennial School to access and deepen their connection to the arts and prepare them for successful participation in their communities. This content will be presented to Centennial School students via their Immersive Learning Center where 360º content wraps around three walls of a room, and ultimately, the experiential learning content from this library will be shared with schools around the world to help expand the offerings of the arts and provide exposure to valuable community resources. The LVSIF team of  students will be part of a multidisciplinary team composed of individuals from Centennial School, Lehigh’s College of Education, Zoellner Arts Center, and other strategic partners. This established project is in the second year of implementation, and we are seeking students with interests in capturing 360° and 3D immersive content using the Matterport camera, generating teacher guides, recording audio descriptions of places and key elements to scaffold the learning process for students, and updating and maintaining the Google Site where the materials for the project are published. Students across disciplines are encouraged to apply.