Lead Mentor:  
Dr. Wojtek Misiolek and Nicholas Rockwell, Materials Science and Engineering

2024 Impact Fellows:
Priya Blaise '27
Ayushka Dhakal '27
Cherrie Ruan '27
Katharine Van Buskirk '27

Project Description:

The Philippines has a rapidly-growing population of over 114 million people. The demand for products and infrastructure is continuously increasing, resulting in a substantial consumption of raw materials, including metals. The opportunity in the Philippines for increased metals recycling--including the reduction of emissions associated with new metal material forming--is significant: for example, aluminum production can typically emit 16.7 metric tons of CO2 for every metric ton of aluminum produced.  However, there exist methods to greatly reduce these associated emissions, such as the use of solid phase processing of existing aluminum scrap. Generation of entirely new metal material contributes to the depletion of natural resources and also exacerbates environmental problems, including increased waste disposal and the release of harmful pollutants / emissions into the ecosystem.

This project aims to understand metal recycling processes and priorities in the metro Manila area with the ultimate goal of developing more sustainable practices for product design, manufacturing, and metal recycling. By identifying feasible concepts, researching novel applications, and maintaining the physical properties of recycled metals, this team will build on the Loewy Institute’s expertise to reduce the strain on natural resources and mitigate the environmental impact of metal waste. We invite students with backgrounds in materials science, design, mechanical engineering, environmental engineering, architecture, and civil engineering to join us in this research-driven journey towards a more sustainable and environmentally responsible Philippines.