Lead Mentor: 
Sean Vassilaros, Computer Science and Business

2024 Impact Fellows:
Sanvi Bhatnagar '26
Kyle Smith '26
Francisco Villa '25
Maia Wainwright '26

Project Description:
The Philippines Application for Tuberculosis Treatment Adherence (PATTA) is a groundbreaking initiative aimed at revolutionizing tuberculosis (TB) treatment adherence tracking. Currently, the Philippines possesses the highest incidence of TB in the world due to issues ranging from medical access to treatment adherence to poor health education. Collaborating closely with medical professionals from ConnectTB, a USAID-sponsored organization committed to advancing TB care through local initiatives, the Lehigh team is focused on crafting a solution that addresses the unique challenges of TB treatment regimens in the Philippines.

The innovative tool being developed by our team will empower healthcare providers and patients alike, facilitating real-time monitoring of treatment adherence and significantly improving patient outcomes. By leveraging low-data technology such as SMS or USSD, the goal is to reach a broad demographic, ensuring that even those in remote or resource-constrained areas have access to this crucial support system. Through dedicated research and development efforts, and together with ConnectTB and other strategic partners, this team is committed to delivering an effective, user-friendly, and accessible solution that will make a tangible difference in the fight against TB. 

This project will also have capstone students from the Computer Science and Business (CSB) major. All students on the project team will be expected to travel for fieldwork. The non-CSB team in GSIF is open to all majors, but priority consideration will be given to students with interests in public health, communications, and systems design.